Amnio-Fountain for Public Space Gestationality

Multi-species durational performance, 2022
Centrale Fies Live Works Summit, Trento, IT
Open Spaces Festivalat Tanzfabrik Berlin, DE

Amnio-Fountain for Public Space Gestationality is a performative intervention at the fountain at Giardino dei Liburni of San Marino. A masculinist narrative springs forth from fountains in city squares. Washing over this frozen tradition, the Amnio-Fountain sets the stage for a sonic and textual voyage through possibilities of hydro-feminist sociability and knowledge production. Setting sail from the symbol of the amniotic fluid, the Amnio-Fountain thirsts for a city that overflows with the facilitative, hospitable logic of our bodily waters gestating multiple and unpredictable forms of existence. Drowning the individualist, humanist understanding of corporeality, the Amnio-Fountain desires to heal the feelings of disconnect and devastation welling up under the dry, water-soluble logic of the Capitalocene.


Francesco Domenico D’auria

Thanks to Kubilay Kaan Mehan