Musical performance, 2022
Trauma Bar and Kino, Berlin, DE
Peter Weiss Haus, Rostock, DE

She’s dirty. She’s grimy. She‘s the nature of the city. Ignored and unloved, she’s always hungry. Currently she may be pretty low in the pecking order of species, but once upon a time she was no different than a white dove. Color matters to humans, and it was humans who domesticated her. She’s feral. She‘s thriving. Humans hate her for not dying.

Contemplating on the politics of disgust, exclusion, and pollutability, Selin Davasse speaks in the voice of a pesky she-pigeon with a cooing cunt. Libidinous leaky literature in vivid and vulgar vulviform verse rains down like pigeon droppings. You might feel slightly dirty after this performance. A pigeon could love you no matter how dirty. Do you think you could you love her back?


Concept, Text, Performance
Selin Davasse

Music, Performance
John Carlson

Lukas Seiler

Thanks to Clementine Edwards and Tilman Hecker